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Navigation Guide

Navigation Guide to the Patient Portal



Here patients will be able to send messages to their doctor and receive messages from them


My Medical Record

This tab includes the majority of a patient’s health information

-Personal Information: this includes demographics

-Care Team: this identifies your Primary Care Physician

-Advance Directives: this will include any care orders, directives, or power of attorney papers

-Immunizations: this will include a record of shots and vaccines that were administered

-Insurance: this includes a record of the insurance we have on file for you

-Lab Results: this will show all labs, diagnostic imagining and test results

-Medications: this will have a list of the medication you are currently taking

-Plan of Care: this will include any referrals, pending test orders, and educational information given to you by your doctor

-Problems: this is a list of your current medical problems that have been discussed with your doctor

-Procedures: this will include a list of the procedures and/or surgeries you have had performed

-Social History: this includes a short notice of any drinking, smoking, or drug use

-Vital Signs: this includes a log of all vital signs taken from you during your appointment at the facility

-Chart Summary: this gives a quick overview of all information included in this medical record tab

-Chart Access History: gives you a list of dates you have accessed this information


Contact Your Care Team

This tab allows you to send an inquiry to your doctor or the nurse they usually work with

You may also request a refill of a medication and for your test results to be sent to you



Here patients may request appointments from their physician, to be seen in the future or as soon as possible, they may also request referrals to be seen by other specialty providers



This tab allows patients to compliment their providers and staff, offer feedback regarding your portal experience, and voice any complaints or concerns



Here patients will find answers to FAQs, help with logging into the portal, and our privacy policies